About us

Our philosophy

Fin Med Ltd., a Swiss private company, place great attention on fair and open communication with our customers. We work as one team.

Our targets

– comprehensive Export financing loans according to OECD regulations
– attractive loan installments including interest for the whole period

Our vision

Fin Med AG was formed by PP high tech AG (founded in 2005). PP high tech AG was taken over by an MBO at the end of October 2017 and we are started with Fin Med AG beginning of November 2016.

Fin Med AG specializes mainly in the medical field, to mediate financing abroad. In addition, we organize the purchase of the desired technology. We have also noted that there is a great demand in various markets in industrialization and agriculture.

That is why we have extended our business field to these two areas. Fin Med AG has already successfully completed the first two projects and our growth strategy is beginning to pay off.

With the conclusion of a partnership with GE Healthcare, Fin Med AG has set important course. With this alliance the business potential is increased in a targeted manner. The launch of Fin Med AG in Tbilisi / Georgia also opened up important opportunities for us in the region. This allows us to better advise the interested parties on the spot. The first successes are already apparent. In a challenging market environment, Fin Med AG has maintained its position well and is on course. We were able to gain the trust of the first two hospitals, namely Mtskheta and St. John’s Hospital in Georgia as customers.

With our business idea, were generating hundreds of jobs in the specific countries. The middle class and the quality of life can be raised. In addition, with our business and projects were providing more tax revenues to governments and jobs are created a Win-Win situation. The first reactions in Georgia are already noticeable. We lessen suffering and misery. Until now, the upper class has gone abroad for treatments, while the middle class and the poorest could not avail of these opportunities. Since health insurance has also been expanded in the country itself, the less well can also benefit from high-tech treatment on the spot. Fin Med AG helps actively.

The region is in radical change. This requires help from outside. Fin Med AG is one of these companies who providing full financial support. No country, even in the West, can advance without foreign capital investments.

“we can expand our business only with satisfied customers”.

We would be delighted if this information has aroused your interest.

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